12 Keys to Success with Product Life Cycle Management

Successful technology companies use Product Life Cycle Mangement to create and launch innovative technology products faster than competitors, to leverage globalization as a competitive advantage, and maximize profit from mature or declining technology products. They do it by defining and implementing a defined PLM process, deploying proper PLM software, and adopting a collaborative organizational culture.This Technology Multipliers video summarizes the twelve steps for success with Product Life Cycle Management of technology products. Check out the details in our PLM webinars and PLM e-book.


Here are the 12 keys to Technology Multipliers success with Product Life Cycle Management:

  1. Understand the business strategy
  2. Develop as-is and should-be process models of your product lifecycle process
  3. Evaluate and select your PLM software
  4. Start with a tangible business problem
  5. Designate PLM advocate, process owners and managers
  6. Use common templates
  7. Train the super user(s)
  8. Conduct “lessons learned” sessions
  9. Perform customizations and integrations
  10. Restrict access to legacy systems
  11. Track actual performance indicators using project/process management tools
  12. Compare your PLM success metrics with industry best practices