Guide to Product Life Cycle Management – E-book

Rapidly changing technology is creating short market windows for technology companies. Product complexities due to embedded and installed software are increasing the need to manage software development as part of product development. Add globalization and aggressive pricing. All together, these challenges are placing intense pressures to optimize new product development from discovery to development, from commercialization to retirement.

Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) integrates the product information and processes for ideation, design, engineering, manufacturing, and maintenance through the life cycle of products. Successful technology companies use PLM to create and launch innovative technology products faster than competitors, to leverage globalization as a competitive advantage, and maximize profit from mature or declining technology products. They do it by defining and implementing a defined PLM process, deploying proper PLM software, and adopting a collaborative organizational culture.

Download our E-book for PLM and learn:

  • Why is Product Development process a challenge?
  • What is PLM?
  • Benefits & Business value of PLM
  • Assessment and Planning
  • Complete Implementation
  • PLM Measurement & Process Improvement
  • PLM Software
  • Cost of PLM
  • Keys to Success with PLM

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