Guide to Product Marketing – E-book

Good technology and effective salespeople aren’t sufficient for success with technology products. Technical product marketing and product management are two critical roles in a winning technology product.

In high tech startups and small companies, product marketing and product management roles are usually assumed by the same individual. However, as the technology is commercialized and company grows, it is important to have a product marketing focus on outbound marketing processes such as analyzing the market, gathering and disseminating competitive information, influencing the analysts, and understanding longer term market direction.

Market segmentation, target market selection, positioning, as well as pricing, promotion, and distribution of high technology products present unique marketing challenges for technology firms.

This ebook provides an overview of technology product marketing concepts, processes, tools and outlines the keys to success with product marketing.

Download our E-book for Product Marketing and learn:

  • Product Lifecycles and Technology Adoption
  • Strategic and Tactical Roles of Technology Product Marketing
  • Market Research
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Mix
  • Measurement and Improvement
  • Product Marketing Automation Software
  • Keys to Success with Product Marketing

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