Marketing high tech products require different strategies in each product life cycle stage. What works in the launch stage does not necessarily work in the growth or maturity stage. Another factor that affects marketing strategy is the technology adoption and how to market to different types of buyers. Answers to strategic marketing questions are likely to change as the product evolves from one life cycle stage to another and which type of buyer is targeted. Strategic marketing questions include:

  • What are the offerings (products and services) that make up the whole product?
  • Who are the target customers (boundaries of the market segments to be served)?
  • How are offerings distributed and delivered to the target customers?
  • How are the offerings priced?
  • How are customers introduced to the products (advertising, traditional and internet marketing)?

Technology Multipliers have deep experience in strategy execution of product marketing from market analysis, customer analysis, and competitive analysis to defining your unique value proposition. These capabilities help prepare for successful product launch, sustainable revenue during the growth stage, and lifetime customer value during the maturity stage.

Tactical Marketing

Tactical marketing for technology products require technically savvy people with skills and experience in a variety of areas:

  • Go-to-market skills to develop, coordinate, and execute launch programs
  • A systematic, sales-oriented approach to prepare and support the sales force to close sales
  • Internet marketing experience with e-content creation and publishing, search based marketing, and social media
  • Off-line marketing programs and coordination with internet marketing programs
  • Lead generation, conversion tracking and customer retention
  • Marketing Communications, social media, and analyst relationships

Technology Multipliers have significant experience and proven skills in tactical product marketing and how it relates to sales readinessproduct management, and digital marketing.

Marketing Programs and Management

Successful commercialization of technology products requires a systematic program approach and excellent project management skills. Technology Multipliers help create and execute marketing programs that focus on strategic execution and tactical marketing. What you receive from Technology Multipliers is a master commercialization plan including all the programs and projects with timelines, resources, dependencies and budget.

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