Most start-up or small technology companies have a fairly limited view of digital marketing. Typically, it’s focused on the website. Technology Multipliers can help give you a 360-degree view of internet marketing. We review your current internet marketing strategy, website(s), programs and resources. We analyze your competitors’ strategies, websites, programs and performance. We follow the thought leaders and explore synergies for potential alliances. Our capabilities provide you with a strategic digital marketing plan and integrated internet marketing programs.

Website Design and Development

From website design to implementation and tracking, our services aim to increase the visibility of your site to your target audience as well as search engine spiders. They include:

  • Site architecture
  • Taxonomy and vocabulary development
  • Creative planning and development
  • Implementation and Integration (search, e-mail, CRM)
  • Web analytics and tracking

The benefits for site visitors are usability, likability, functionality and utility. The benefits for content managers and webmasters are ease-of-use, maintainability and extensibility. The benefits for marketing and sales managers are the ability to track and account for all actions taken throughout the sales funnel.

Content Marketing

Today, in internet marketing content is king. Providing information to consumers across a variety of channels will ensure clarity, consistency and competency in your message. Furthermore, strong and relevant content will aid with your site’s search engine optimization (SEM). Our team can help you generate content across the following channels:

  • Website Copy
  • Product Collateral
  • Success Stories
  • Infographics
  • Whitepapers
  • News & Announcements
  • Blogs
  • News & Announcements
  • Slidecast Presentations
  • Videos

Social Media Marketing

Social media, while still relatively new to the marketing mix continues to dominate the internet marketing platform. It engages customer dialogue, builds & maintains relationships and increases brand awareness…all at lightening-fast speed. It is important to build a social media portfolio that contains the right tools, messages and tone for your target audience. We can help:

  • Develop a social media marketing plan
  • Monitor platforms regularly (tweets, blogs, LinkedIn groups, Google Alerts)
  • Post content frequently
  • Promote the latest news, videos, offers, etc.
  • Engage in dialogue (responses to questions and comments)
  • Measure activity and provide insights

Search Based Marketing Services

Most sites are built without understanding of how search works. Whether a search is performed on a search engine or your own site search, if you have relevant information about your product or service, you must help people “find” it. We offer three types of search related internet marketing services:

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services that help users find you when they are searching the entire web using web search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing. These services include website architecture, keyword research & targeting, SEO-friendly multimedia content development, on-page optimization, link building (inbound, internal, and external) and social media optimization. SEO services can be customized to include local SEO, directory submissions and vertical search.
  2. Site Search services that help users find you when they are searching on your site. Services include content analysis and site search strategy, metadata & content tagging, development or integration of the search functionality, search navigators & widgets, tracking and improvement to findability.
  3. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services that help users find your product or service in sponsored (or paid) links sections on web search engines or websites that use keyword and contextual search advertising.

Email Marketing

Every business needs to optimize the ways to communicate with the customer. Email marketing is one of several marketing communication tools which businesses utilize to connect to different segments of buyer personas. We offer email marketing services for the following challenges:

  • Integrating email marketing with marketing strategy
  • Improving deliverability
  • Growing subscriber list
  • Achieving measurable ROI
  • Using email for funnel optimization

Web Analytics

Who should own web analytics in your company? What methodologies and tools should be deployed? How do the metrics relate to the business strategy drumbeat that your marketing team is marching to? The answer to these questions starts with defining the stages of the marketing funnel and the key performance indicators (KPIs) at each stage. A typical funnel may have five or six stages and corresponding KPIs such as:

  • Audience
  • Prospects or Contacts
  • Leads
  • Opportunities
  • Customers
  • Evangelists

Contact Technology Multipliers to learn more about our internet marketing capabilities along with other ways we can assist you.