Sales and marketing processes that work in the launch stage of a new product do not necessarily work in the growth or maturity stage. Sales people and channels that produce results selling to pragmatic buyers may not be suitable to sell new products to early adopters. Sales models and tools that work in one sector or country do not necessarily work in others.

We specialize in preparing and enabling your sales team to close sales with the appropriate sales process, automation, sales model, and tools for your needs.

Sales Process Engineering

Our Sales Process Engineering capability multiplies the productivity of your sales force by challenging the ad hoc sales process and autonomous sales model.

  • Develop a repeatable and scalable sales process that focuses sales people exclusive on selling
  • Centralize and automate the management of sales opportunities with accurate data and role-based access to information
  • Define the roles (marketing, support) that support sales people and facilitate collaboration to close sales

Sales Automation

Sales automation helps synchronize important tools and information which in turn contributes greatly to workplace productivity and efficiency. Our sales automation capabilities include:

  • Map the sales process to sales automation technology such as Salesforce
  • Import existing contacts and accounts
  • Organize accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities
  • Customize dashboards, views, and reports
  • Define opportunity management process and business rules
  • Train and support the sales team to maximize sales productivity

Sales Readiness Tools

Our sales readiness tools include:

  • Buyer personas (technical, economic, and influencer) and how to sell them
  • Success stories, testimonials, collateral development, white papers, competitive attack packs
  • Presentations, webinars, and demos
  • Sales training and support
  • Presentations and support for analysts and thought leaders

Channel Enablement

Channel enablement is crucial for increasing the potential of your indirect sales effort. Our channel enablement capabilities include:

  • Develop channel programs including recruiting, on-boarding, training and support
  • Identify channels, partners, territories, and target accounts
  • Define “purchasing process analysis” and create account entry strategy
  • Develop and execute partner driven marketing and sales campaigns
  • Train and support the channel to maximize sales productivity

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