We specialize in product management for technology companies. Our services cover the entire product life cycle management (PLM) process with special focus on new product development (NPD) and launch. Services range from strategic to tactical including product strategy, product planning, requirements management and roadmapping. These services are ideal for organizations that need:

  1. A systematic, outside-in approach to increase the likelihood of new product success
  2. A facilitator between product development, product marketing, marketing communications, sales and services
  3. A strategic and tactical skills in technology marketing, technical product commercialization and SaaS delivery


Executives need roadmaps to raise money with investors and to set expectations with analysts. Salespeople need roadmaps to win large deals or keep customers from switching to competitors. Technology partners need roadmaps to plan their integration projects. Resellers need roadmaps to plan their marketing programs. Product development and project managers need roadmaps to plan and execute at the operational level.

Technology Multipliers creates and updates different types of roadmaps depending on the purpose and target audience:

  • Visionary Roadmaps
  • Market/Strategy Roadmaps
  • Platform/Product Roadmaps
  • Technology Roadmaps
  • Product Line Roadmaps

Requirements Management

Growing small to medium size technology companies are constantly overwhelmed by product requirements. An organized product manager, a well-defined requirements management process and proper software tools can help turn this challenge into a critical success factor for innovative new products.

Technology Multipliers can develop and execute your requirements management process from gathering and analyzing requirements to definition and validation with the feedback loops and iterations.

Early Adopter and Beta Programs

Successful early adopter and beta programs require a team effort. The team should include the product manager, product development manager, quality manager, documentation engineer and representatives from product marketing & pre-sales engineering.

Technology Multipliers plays a facilitator role in defining these programs and can either support the execution by internal resources of your company or manage the programs end-to-end.

Product Launch

All product management responsibilities are important but product launch is arguably the most critical success factor for a technology product. From planning and budgeting to execution and post-launch assessment, Technology Multipliers brings significant experience to properly launching technology products to maximize the likelihood of commercial success.

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