Guide to New Product Development – E-book

If a technology company is to drive innovation and profit in the long run, new product development and innovation needs to be part of its business strategy.  New Product Development (NPD) is the overall process of strategy, organization, concept generation, product and marketing plan creation and evaluation, and commercialization of a new product. Two major factors that affect new product success are:

  1. Proper execution of front-end innovation activities that generate new product, process, and technology ideas
  2. Well defined NPD process

This ebook provides a complete overview of the NPD process, models, tools, and metrics to succeed with new product development for technology companies.

Download our E-book for New Product Development and learn about:

  • What is New Product Development?
  • Trends Affecting NPD
  • Business Strategy & NPD Investments
  • NPD Process Models
  • Flexible NPD
  • Ideation in Each Stage
  • Performance Measurement
  • NPD Software
  • Keys to Success With NPD

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