Guide to Digital Marketing – E-book

The typical buying cycle for a technology product is long. It may take anywhere between 6-18 months from awareness to evaluation, decision making, and contract. So, it is important to be found by potential buyers in the early research phases of the buying cycle, when they are searching for products and services that can address their needs. And guess where the research begins – online! It is just as critical to maintain the internet marketing presence throughout the entire buying cycle.

So, throughout the sales process, how can a small or mid-size technology company increase and maintain its product’s visibility to potential buyers on the internet? How do you inform and engage your target audience with relevant, useful content? How do you optimize your social media efforts for search engines? How do you build trust and loyalty to guide the buyers from awareness to purchase? The answer is — through an integrated marketing strategy, programs, and analytics. This ebook provides an overview of integrated online marketing covering keys topics such as content marketing, web site, search engine marketing and optimization, social media, and web analytics.

Download our E-book for Internet Marketing to learn about:

  • Content Marketing
  • Web site
  • Search Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Web Analytics
  • Keys to Success with Internet Marketing

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