Technology Multipliers PPM solutions help optimize the value of your project portfolio and increase pipeline productivity. Ultimately, effective PPM and resource capacity management results in bringing new products to launch, creating profitable growth, and extending product lifecycle returns.

The specific benefits of our PPM solutions are:

  • accurate view of resources and timelines for current projects
  • efficient “what if” analysis of project and portfolio trade-offs
  • high fidelity assessment of short-term and long-term portfolio performance based on variability and risk
  • integrated PPM process and tools for evaluating future project impacts
  • proper alignment of strategic direction with operational capacity and capability

Applications of our PPM solutions include life sciences R&D, high technology Information Technology (IT) management, and six sigma initiatives. Our solutions utilize ProModel’s project and portfolio simulation tools and Microsoft’s project management tools.

Improve Resource and Project Visibility

We start with resource plans and project timelines that are typically kept in separate spreadsheets and project management tools by project teams. Our PPM solution consolidates and integrates the data and enables collaboration with a unified, accurate picture of ongoing projects and resources that are being consumed by those projects.

Manage Risk and Variability

Project plans and resource plans have fixed project durations and hardly any provisions for risk. Our solutions capture variability associated with sub-project durations and cost as well as risk associated with project survival probabilities and attrition. This realistic approach helps build in inherent uncertainties and variability for high fidelity project portfolio management.

Quickly Create and Simulate “What if” Scenarios

Most projects compete for scarce resources. Define resource constraints. Adding new projects to current projects causes contention for resources.  Assign priorities for projects when there is contention for resources. Our solutions enable creating what if scenarios that combine projects and resources. Setup and simulation of multiple portfolio scenarios is quick and easy. Analysis of the project performance metrics involves throughput performance metrics such as project throughput, WIP levels, project completion dates as well as financial performance metrics such as NPV (Net Present Value), present value, and present cost.

Manage Resource Capacity 

Capacity management is focused on identifying and maintaining proper levels of projects in various stages of the pipeline (WIP) while reducing cycle time and cost. Our solution simplifies creating multiple resource capacity options and evaluating them against project demand. Identifying where you need more resources and where you have excess capacity allows planning for and allocating in-house and contract resources, and money to maintain proper WIP various stages and increase the productivity of the pipeline.

Optimize Strategic Portfolio Process

Selecting and prioritizing the most valuable projects to the company increases the value of your portfolio. Our solution provides optimization tools that help reduce the time and effort in creating and analyzing optimal scenarios. This efficient, systematic approach allows for a strategic portfolio process that is critical for quick evaluation of investment options, strategic initiatives, and on-going alignment of business strategy with operational capacity and capability.

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