Market Analysis

Technology companies usually overestimate the attractiveness and underestimate the dynamics of their target markets. Inadequate market analysis and pressure to create a compelling story for potential investors are common reasons for the miscues.

Technology Multipliers performs detailed market research and analysis that focuses on key success factors for commercial success. You not only get a snapshot of current data, opportunities, and threats but also a systematic approach to monitoring the changes in data and market dynamics.

Competitive Landscape and Ecosystem Studies

Most technology companies play in multiple industry sectors and there are significant product and business differences within categories. Technology Multipliers creates sector landscapes that organize the companies, associations, publishers, and thought leaders in the ecosystem where your product commercialization will take place. The resulting picture can help you visualize the positions and relationships, debate where your company fits in the ecosystem (now & future), and develop your product, customer, and partnership strategies accordingly.

Marketing and Sales Readiness Assessment

It’s difficult to gauge how ready your company is for going-to-market. Yet, this is a critical prerequisite to timing your product launch.

Technology Multipliers can assess and grade your company’s readiness-to-sell your new product or service. The resulting assessment and grade can help you see where you stand in terms of human resources, business process maturity, technologies (CRM, MAS, CMS), sales tools and channels and identify gaps.

Product Strategy

Product strategy for high-tech companies is unique and different because technology product life cycles are shorter, emerging technologies need to be managed and leveraged properly, new markets must be explored and created and collapsing markets must be monitored and exited. Proper development, application and management of the product strategy process are critical to your success.

Go-to-Market Strategy

Your go-to-market strategy depends on many factors including maturity of the market, existing and potential future players in the sector, maturity of your technology, your product strategy, your marketing and sales readiness, your commercialization capability and capacity, and more.  We help you prepare to go to market by studying your company’s preparedness and plans, benchmarking against the best-in-class and identifying the gaps that need to be filled to prior to launch. As we become a member of your executive team and perform various strategic services, we concurrently work on the go-to-market strategy and roadmap.

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