Branch Workforce Management Software for Retail Banks

Provided marketing strategy for CloudCords, Kiran Analytics’ enterprise workforce management software. Strategy experience included market analysis, competitive landscape analysis, sales and marketing readiness, and go-to-market strategy.

Manufacturing Simulation Software for Aerospace & Defense, High Tech Electronics, and Life Sciences

Provided strategic go-to-market leadership and sales strategy for ProModel which became the flagship product of ProModel Corporation, the industry leader in predictive simulation and analysis solutions. From initial launch in 1989 to 1994, sales multiplied hundred times as a result of an integrated marketing strategy and programs, partnerships with major consulting firms, and top 100 academic institutions.

Business Process Modeling Software for Aerospace & Defense

Provided strategy and leadership for commercialization of CACI’s business process management product. Simprocess was developed by CACI Products Company in partnership with IBM Research and DuPont Engineering. Strategy experience included development of the go-to-market strategy, sales and marketing readiness, and partnership strategy. Since its launch in 1995, Simprocess has helped many corporations and government organizations re-engineer their business processes.

E-Publishing Portal Platform for B2B Publishers

Managed the commercialization of Convera’s (now Ntent) Screening Room video logging, indexing, search, and publishing platform. Commercialization experience  included product strategy and partner strategy.

Video Asset Management Software for Media & Entertainment and Government

From concept to development and launch, developed the product strategy for Publisher Control Panel. PCP is a secure collaborative portal which enabled Convera (now Ntent) to scale the implementation of custom, vertical search applications from one to over hundred in two years and to reduce the implementation cycle time from six months to six days.