Make better business process improvement decisions faster with Process Simulator.

With the latest version of ProModel’s Process Simulator and Microsoft’s Visio 2010, you can visualize, analyze and optimize your business environment. Transform static Value Stream Maps, Flow Charts and Work Flow Diagrams into Dynamic Graphical Simulation Models that provide you with a risk-free, virtual sandbox for you to determine precisely which ideas and concepts will provide the best results for your organization.

Lean and Value Stream Mapping

Capture Value Stream Maps in Visio and see what performance gains you can expect before implementing actual changes. Simulate current and future state scenarios to understand which LEAN project will give the biggest benefit.

Six Sigma Initiatives with Minitab

Enhance the effectiveness of Analyze and Improve steps of the DMAIC Methodology. Experiment to analyze how the system responds within the model and develop a total continuous improvement strategy in a dynamic, risk free environment.  Then connect directly to Minitab to automatically create Capability Analysis and Capability Six Pack Charts.

Business Process ImprovementBuild Current-State and Future-State process models and understand time-based quantitative impacts of changes quickly. Predict resource requirements, capital equipment investments, process times, service levels and more!

How does it work?


  • Build dynamic visual models right in Visio with automated links to external output data sources such as Excel, Access, and other databases
  • See input and operating parameters such as capacity and utilization directly on the Visio map
  • Watch your process run to gain a better understanding of your current operating environment than ever before


  • View the impact on system resources through colorcoded Visio data graphics
  • Output metrics such as cost and throughput displayed in real time on the model
  • Visio data graphics update automatically whenever model parameters are changed


  • Scenario results and KPI’s displayed with the Animation
  • Compare multiple scenarios simultaneously right on the screen  as soon as simulation is complete

Simply put, ProModel’s predictive analytics tools make process modelling quick, easy, and collaborative.

For detailed product information, presentation, price quote, or training for ProModel’s process simulation tools, please contact Technology Multipliers.