Process Modeling and Analysis

Provided ITC Manufacturing with improvement services to assess the impact of introducing a new production line in a new facility. Services included analysis of current manufacturing process and material flows, development of as-is and to-be process models, and assessment of projected market demand on production capacity and existing product lines manufactured in the same facility. The study helped ITC Manufacturing create valuable process documentation and knowledge, initiate discussion about planned improvements to existing process,  create a shared understanding of future product and process plans, and help validate assumptions.

Project Portfolio Management

Developed a strategic Project Portfolio Simulation model for the biopharmaceutical industry. The model was validated with a 14-project portfolio with projects that are in various phases of drug development in two therapeutic areas. The model captured the risk and uncertainty of projects, costs, and resources. The what-if scenarios included reduction of headcount and cancellation of projects in order to analyze and optimize the value of the project portfolio using NPV analysis, Gannt chart analysis, and net accumulated value.