High tech is a high risk high reward business. Today’s high tech and electronics product companies are constantly challenged by rapid technological changes, aggresive global competition, design complexities, regulatory requirements and supply chain uncertainties. Robust New Product Development (NPD) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) are critical requirements to meeting these challenges while increasing the likelihood of success and managing risk.

Technology Multipliers provides NPD and PLM solutions to help high tech and electronics companies accelerate time to market, increase R&D and manufacturing productivity, and extend lifecycle returns including:

These comprehensive R&D and manufacturing focused services are designed to help high tech and electronics companies multiply the value of their intellectual assets from ideation to rapid prototyping, from system integration and test to manufacturing.

Technology Multipliers High Tech and Electronics industry solutions are built on our deep understanding of process and product excellence. Our experience comes from working with high tech companies in diverse sectors such as biopharma, computer software, medical devices, semiconductors, and telecommunications.

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