Align Strategy With Operational Capability

Only one third of marketing and sales executives rate their companies’ go-to-market capabilities as “quite effective” or “extremely good”.  Technology Multipliers offers “highly effective” strategy services for sales effectiveness, sustainable growth, and customer lifetime value.

Competitive Landscape and Ecosystem Study

  • Competitor and Product Profiles
  • Partner and Product/Service Profiles
  • Influencer Profiles – Associations, Thought Leaders, Industry Analysts, Communities, Media and Publishers
  • Industry Vertical and Subject Matter Experts

Marketing and Sales Readiness Assessment

  • Marketing and Sales Process Audit
  • Marketing Collateral and Sales Tools Inventory
  • Marketing and Sales Automation Systems Audit
  • Marketing and Sales Staff Readiness
  • Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration

Product Strategy

  • Platform and Product-line Strategies
  • Differentiation Strategies
  • Growth and Innovation Strategies
  • Strategic Balance Scorecard

Go-to-Market Strategy

  • Planning Horizon, End Goals and Measurement
  • Target Accounts
  • Customer Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Partnership Strategy
  • Pricing Strategy

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