Technology Multipliers, a San Diego based provider of go-to-market strategy, new product development and process improvement solutions hits the milestone of four years.

San Diego, CA – December 18, 2014.  This year, Technology Multipliers focused on launching a new predictive analytics software product for a client in the financial services industry. From development of the go-to-market strategy to execution of a comprehensive product marketing plan, the firm deployed its various resources and capabilities to enable business development and sales.

“Aligning business strategy with operational execution is a challenge for small companies,” said Kerim Tumay, Managing Director of Technology Multipliers. “All technology companies have limited windows of opportunities for commerial success. And, they have limited resources, knowledge, and skills necessary to execute their strategy. We provide multiplier effects by bringing our extensive knowledge, highly competent team, and make-it-happen attitude. Our ability to work closely with the owners and executives of our clients accelerates the time to market and enables our clients to achieve commercial success,” he added.

As part of its integrated marketing services, Technology Multipliers developed a content marketing strategy involving online and event marketing programs. Internet content marketing programs included webinars, videos, and thought leadership articles. Event marketing programs included conference presentations, workshops, and software demonstrations in industry conferences. These programs were promoted using e-mail marketing, press announcements, social media, and the website. The resulting implementation provided simple dashboards to manage inbound, outbound, and lead nurturing programs. In addition, the company provided sales readiness and enablement services for the same client. Services included channel development, sales tool develoment, and channel training. Together, the integrated marketing and sales readiness services created a solid foundation for the client to scale up its sales capability quickly.

Social media marketing and public relations programs were targeted primarily for the influencers, not the buyers themselves. There programs were very successful in increasing awareness and engagement with influencers through relevant and consistent news, announcements, and social media.

“Most small B2B companies underestimate the combined impact of content marketing, public relations, and social media.” said Mr. Tumay. He added, “Our client’s CEO had valuable insights for their target audience. Sharing those insights with the target audience required his commitment to creating and delivering the content to target buyers through webinars, conference speaking engagements, and articles in industry publications. In the meantime, the social media and PR programs were utilized to promote the high value content with influencers. As a result, we were able to establish our client CEO as a tought leader in the industry. Once we accomplished that, he began receiving invitations to share his perspectives from industry associations and publishers. We are delighted to have client executives who understand the value of content marketing.”

About Technology Multipliers

Technology Multipliers provides go-to-market strategy, new product development and process improvement solutions for technology companies. Technology Multipliers solutions create multiplier effects for technology companies by reducing time to market, increasing pipeline and resource productivity, and optimizing process performance.

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