Technology Multipliers, a San Diego based provider of go-to-market strategy, new product development and process improvement solutions hits the milestone of two years.

San Diego, CA – December 21, 2012 – Technology Multipliers was founded on a mission to create multiplier effects for technology companies striving to develop and commercialize technology products. The company’s project experience spans a variety of sectors and attracts growing clients in healthcare, high technology, financial services, life sciences and manufacturing industries.

In 2012, Technology Multipliers assisted with launching an innovative enterprise talent acquisition software product and a healthcare staffing service for travel therapy professionals. This year, the firm created an ROI calculator which helps justifying savings for an enterprise software product. The firm also developed a simulator and case study which helps optimize a drug development project portfolio.

“Today’s technology buyers are really sophisticated,” said Kerim Tumay, Managing Director of Technology Multipliers. “You need a variety of interactive tools and information that create awareness, engage and educate, and assist with evaluation throughout the sales cycle. ROI calculators, simulators and infographics are excellent tools when combined with traditional content marketing tools such as whitepapers, webinars and blogs,” he added.

Technology Multipliers also conducted several international go-to-market assessment studies. One of them involved taking an agricultural technology product made in Turkey to the US market. Another involved localizing and commercializing a search technology developed in the USA to Turkish speaking countries. Yet another involved go-to-market strategy development for an engineering software product which was quite successful in Europe but not in North America.

“Some technology business owners think that if their product is successful in a certain market, it will automatically be successful in another market or country,” says Mr. Tumay. “We utilize our strong technology commercialization knowledge, trusted network of industry business advisors and local thought leaders, and deep understanding of diverse cultural ideologies to help our clients succeed.”

About Technology Multipliers

Technology Multipliers provides go-to-market strategy, new product development and process improvement solutions for technology companies. Technology Multipliers solutions create multiplier effects for technology companies by reducing time to market, increasing pipeline and resource productivity, and optimizing process performance.

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