Technology Multipliers, a San Diego based provider of go-to-market strategy, new product development and process improvement solutions hits the milestone of three years.

San Diego, CA – December 23, 2013 – Technology Multipliers was founded on a mission to create multiplier effects for technology companies striving to develop and commercialize technology products. The company’s project experience spans a variety of sectors and attracts growing clients in healthcare, high technology, financial services, life sciences and manufacturing industries.

In 2013, Technology Multipliers assisted with the launching of a biotech start-up and re-launching a supply chain planning software product. This year, the firm also offered its product marketing and sales enablement services for a financial services solution provider.

“Successful B2B technology companies start with strong technical leadership and innovative ideas,” said Kerim Tumay, Managing Director of Technology Multipliers. “But they usually lack the capability, capacity, and consistency to market their products effectively. We provide the missing ingredients for success. Our strategy, execution, and improvement services enable small technology companies to multiply their capacity and capabilities in product marketing and management,” he added.

As part of its integrated marketing services, Technology Multipliers implemented marketing automation and sales automation solutions for one of its clients. These solutions were then integrated with the client’s web site, content marketing, and email marketing programs. The resulting implementation provided simple dashboards to manage inbound, outbound, and lead nurturing programs. In addition, the company provided sales readiness and enablement services for the same client. Services included channel development, sales tool develoment, and channel training. Together, the integrated marketing and sales readiness services created a solid foundation for the client to scale up its sales capability quickly.

As part of its process improvement services, Technology Multipliers provided technical documentation services to one of its clients. While this client had two dozen implementations of its software products, there was no technical product documentation. Recognizing this need, the client engaged Technology Multipliers to develop a plan and implement it. First, technical documentation technologies were assessed. Upon platform selection, a documentation plan was developed and technical documentation was created. Strong collaboration with the client’s subject matter experts enabled efficient documentation development and on-time project completion.

“Some technology business owners think that if they have a few early adopter customers willing to acquire their solutions, they can easily sell the same solutions to other customers in the same industry. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case,” says Mr. Tumay. “Especially for B2B software products with long buying cycles, increasing awareness and being considered as a viable alternative for mainstream customers requires a sound product strategy combined with consistent and coherent marketing and sales approach. We are delighted to have client executives who understand what it takes to cross the chasm and to scale up their business with a reliable partner.”

About Technology Multipliers

Technology Multipliers provides go-to-market strategy, new product development and process improvement solutions for technology companies. Technology Multipliers solutions create multiplier effects for technology companies by reducing time to market, increasing pipeline and resource productivity, and optimizing process performance.

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