ROI Calculators

Engage and help your customers estimate their savings from your technology products

Justifying investments in technology products is a always a challenge. Bottom line for customers evaluating hi-tech products is to understand their real Return on Investment (ROI). In other words, how does your hi-tech solution reduce cost, increase efficiency, improve quality, and reduce risk?

Technology Multipliers ROI Calculators help justify technology investments with engaging marketing and sales tools.  We create your ROI Calculators and related content for a compelling and realistic ROI. You engage your potential customers with an easy-to-use ROI Calculator on your own website.

All your visitors need to do is to enter a few key facts and figures and your ROI calculator instantly shows the real savings in real time. By adjusting the parameters in the calculator, potential customers can determine their ROI or estimate the savings for their business. Check out Technology Multipliers Recruiting ROI Calculator on and see how it works.

How We Do It?

It’s simple. We analyze the business processes that your technology improves, research the industry benchmarks, and quantify the productivity and quality savings. We, then, create a realistic ROI model estimating all the costs and savings including licensing, development, deployment, training, and support. Finally, we create your ROI Calculator and related content for a compelling and realistic ROI.

Find out how you can convert leads to customers with Technology Multipliers ROI Calculators.