Partnership set to bring benefits of ProModel’s predictive analytics technology to California biopharma companies

Allentown, PA – September 1, 2011 – ProModel, the predictive analytics leader in enterprise project portfolio  planning and process improvement, today announced a partnership with Technology Multipliers, a leader in helping companies improve productivity with new product development and product lifecycle management. The R&D Productivity solutions for biopharma is powered by ProModel’s VAO technologies and delivered by Technology Multipliers strategic project portfolio and resource capacity management experts.

ProModel’s VAO technology allows companies to predict the outcome of decisions – to visualize, analyze, and optimize – before committing capital and resources. ProModel products featured in the R&D productivity solutions are Enterprise Portfolio Simulator (EPS) and Process Simulator. EPS is a strategic project portfolio and resource capacity planning tool that reduces risk and increases productivity for portfolio optimization. Process Simulator is a business process modeling and simulation tool that transforms static flow charts and value stream maps into dynamic graphical simulation models that provide a risk-free, virtual sandbox to determine precisely which ideas and concepts will provide the best business process performance.

Technology Multipliers solutions enable biopharma companies to increase productivity from research to development, from commercialization to life cycle management. Solutions include PPM (Project Portfolio Management), RCM (Resource Capacity Management), Lean and Six Sigma, and Stage-Gate Processes.

Keith Vadas, CEO of ProModel said: “This partnership is a significant and exciting step in growing applications of ProModel’s predictive analytics solutions in the biopharma market. ProModel has a long history of working with Technology Multipliers management. They understand our simulation technologies and how to help companies improve R&D productivity.”

“Optimizing project portfolios, resource capacity and pipeline productivity while reducing cycle time and cost is a balancing act. It requires strategic processes and tools for capacity and risk management”, said Kerim Tumay, Managing Director of Technology Multipliers.  He added, “We are excited about integrating ProModel’s tools to the strategic processes of our customers.”

About ProModel

ProModel is a provider of Predictive Analytics BI Software Solutions that empower organizations to make better decisions faster, by Visualizing, Analyzing and Optimizing future operations. ProModel solutions combine powerful in-house simulation technology with 20 years of industry expertise in delivering reusable predictive solutions. ProModel’s solutions help decision makers:

•    Reach better decisions faster by having more accurate, quantifiable performance information

•    Receive faster payback and larger ROI

•    Develop internal, reusable predictive problem solving capability.

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About Technology Multipliers

Technology Multipliers provides new product development, technology, and marketing productivity solutions for technology companies.  Technology Multipliers solutions create multiplier effects for technology companies by reducing time to market, increasing pipeline and resource productivity, and optimizing process performance.

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